We would like to introduce our FOR MERCO soap factory.

Our factory has produced designer soaps for more than 10 years. Classical soaps areevolving and our company focuses mainly on natural components. Individual ingredients are extracts, oleum, parfumes and essences of medicinal plants as well as solid particles for exfoliation. Conventional soap manufacturing uses palm and cocoa oil base and glycerin. The new technology also aplies tensides.

From our product range there is alredy a traditional line of "Hanus soaps" - in particular Mink and a new Magistra - pH 5,5. Very desired soaps are also glycerine ones from palm or cocoa oil with extract of mountain arnika and two-year pupalka. We are fully prepared and capable to produce soaps - whatever shape, composition, color, weight, ingredients.

We can mark soaps with Your companies logo, we can pack our products with clear covers or in special boxes as advertising items or as a part of your product range. SPECIAL PURCHASE ORDERS are a considerable portion of our manufacturing. Samples of these products are displayed on different Web pages (RYOR, BODY BASIC, MANUFAKTURA, HERBACOS, KOSMETIKA CAPRI, VALOSUN, PLEVA).

Our company won a price at International cosmetics fair: Beauty Prague 2003 for our original "Box of Roses". Recently we have a significant exports to Russia, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

I wish You a great succes in Your business.
Ing. Jaroslav Červinka


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